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DLNA playing gets mixed up.


From various dlna sources, playback gets mixed up. I.e. within an album choosing song number 6 results in playing song number 1. This is completely random , for instance choosing song 6,9, and 4 results in song number 1 ,choosing song 3 delivers song number 4.

On even larger libraries (> 2500 albums) apparently playback is that much tangled up that it won't play anything..

Playing back with bubble PNP app works fine in all situations, so it seems AV controller has some form of faulty indexing mechanism.

I have no issues whatsoever in playing back songs from either source or destination that can be related to network problems. Everything works fine, got an extensive network running several printers, PC's, laptops on Wi-Fi, network switches and these multimedia hosts.

Equipment: Yamaha RX-A1010 receiver, Zyxel NSA320 nas, PC running XBMC on Win7-32 bit (dlna enabled), TP link router, Nexus 10 tablet running Android 4.4.2.